This Advanced Hand Sanitizer Spray Mist is one of the most effective formulas available. This patented solution eliminates more than 99.99% of germs and leaves your hands feeling soft and refreshed. It meets the FDA healthcare personal hand-washing requirements and has special moisturizers that will help your hands stay hydrated. Available in a convenient spray, this formula is great for use at home, work or at the doctor’s office.

Alcohol Free - Safe on Sensitive Hands
This easy-to-use alcohol-free hand sanitizer is a proven alternative to alcohol sanitizers and still kills 99% of common germs and will also help protect against viruses and fungi.

Kills Common Disease-Causing Germs
Never be without protection! This spray-on sanitizer offers extended protection against germs with your skin’s natural oils to moisten, soften and hydrate your skin, even as it protects.

Made In USA
U.S.A made products and manufacturing.

Hand sanitizer 8oz