Tina will teach you how to quickly and easily select the perfect I LOVE INK color with ease and confidence for BOTH microblading and machine work. 

In this exclusive color selection class, Tina Davies dispels confusion about color selection, gives you the knowledge you need to use I LOVE INK and completely change the way you’ve been thinking about color theory quickly and easily with no guesswork and no mixing or modifying. You’ll finally be able to work with the utmost confidence and cut your working time down by half. 

How I Love Ink started
How to do color selection with ease and confidence
Get in-depth with each of the 7 colors   
Top FAQs 
Important variables that affect your outcome
What to expect with healed examples
2 quizzes to test your knowledge  
Microblading and machine work tips
Color correction guidance and tips

Stream or download onto your mobile device, laptop, or tablet.  The license extends to unlimited viewing for one single user with a limit of 3 downloads per purchase.

Color Course Video Tutorial